Soul Pivot Seminars

Take a journey into the Heart and Spirit of Chinese Medicine!

  • NCCAOM and CA approved Continuing Education for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

  • Classes on the psycho-social, spiritual and alchemical aspects of Daoist Medicine

  • Interesting, low-priced Ethics and Safety classes

  • Certificates available immediately upon completion of course material and quiz

  • Contact us at if you have any questions

List of Classes

Here is a list of the classes we offer. If you scroll down, you can read more or register for the classes. 

Alchemy of the Extraordinary Vessels:

  • Introduction to the 8 Extraordinary Vessels     4 hrs     $80
  • Chong Vessel: The Channel of Our Blueprint     4 hrs     $80
  • Ren and Du: Channels of Bonding and Individuation     4 hrs     $80
  • Belt Channel: Latency and the Heart-Kidney Axis     4 hrs     $80
  • Wei Vessels: The Unfolding Over Time     4 hrs     $80
  • Qiao Vessels: Our Stance and View     4 hrs     $80 
  • Bundle of All 6     24 hrs     $450

Ethics and Safety

  • Ethics and the I Ching: Cultivating Constancy of Character     2 hrs     $30
  • Ethics and the Virtues of the 5 Elements     2 hrs     $30
  • Safety Essentials for Acupuncturists     2 hrs     $30
  • Safety, Trauma and the Percardium     2 hrs     $30
  • One Ethics and One Safety Class     4 hrs     $55

Other classes:

Understanding the Hun, Po, Ling and Shen in Chinese Medicine     4 hrs     $80

Head, Face & Neck Self Tui-Na Routine     Free    

Coming soon! Classes on the I Ching and Alchemy of the Life Story...

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Soul Pivot Seminars

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