This is the first on-line ceu class that I ever created and is one my favorites.  The class explores the I Ching as an interactive guide for the cultivation of character. Through reflection we can begin to harmonize wei, ying and yuan qi which are parallels for actions, feelings and original nature.  The premise is that by cultivating this awareness we can minimize the amount of projection and transference in the treatment room.  Includes optional bonus videos exploring the I Ching and how to cast the I Ching.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Ethics and the I Ching: Cultivating Constancy of Character

    • Course Directions
    • Class reading for "Ethics and the I Ching"
    • Optional Video: Introductory Video
    • Optional Video: Ethics from a Historical Eastern Perspective
    • Optional Video: Working with the I Ching
    • Optional Video: Casting the I Ching
    • Optional Video: Conclusion Video
  • 2

    Quiz: Ethics and the I Ching

    • Worksheet: Ethics and the I Ching
    • QUIZ- Ethics and the I Ching
    • Online Ethics I Ching Program Eval