This 4 hour class is a combination of text and video.   This class explores the Wei Vessels from the perspective of their role in linking the events of our lives over the rhythms of our life, the cycles of 7 & 8.  The Yinwei Vessel is the emotional/pictorial record of our lives as recorded in the Blood.  It is the story of how we relate to the themes of the 9 Heart Palaces.  The Yinwei is the vessel of nostalgia, regrets, unfinished business and heart pain.  The Yangwei Vessel is the marrow record of how our choices and decisions have affected our ability to move in and through the world.  This is the record in our Brain, Marrow and Bones.   The Yangwei gets challenged as we become creatures of habit, unable to learn new things, move differently and think differently.   These vessels hold the potential of grace and the return to innocence.  This class explores the acupuncture energetics and trajectories of the Wei Vessels for application in the treatment room.  We also look at the likely pathologies and diagnostics associated with the Yinwei Vessel and the Yangwei Vessel.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Context of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels

    • Course Directions
    • Introduction to the 8 Extraordinary Vessels
  • 2

    The Stories of the Yinwei and Yangwei Vessels

    • The Stories of the Yinwei and Yangwei Vessels
    • Hun, Po and the 9 Heart Palaces
    • Themes of the Wei Vessels
    • Yinwei Mai: Vessel of Our Story
    • Yinwei Story Part 2: End-of-life, Pilgrimage and the Daily Death Practice
    • Themes of Yangwei Vessel
  • 3

    Trajectories of the Yinwei and Yangwei Vessels

    • Trajectories of the Yinwei and Yangwei
    • Yinwei Trajectory
    • Yangwei Trajectory
    • Clinical Applications of Yinwei Mai
  • 4

    Quiz: Wei Vessels

    • Worksheet: Wei Vessels
    • Quiz: The Wei Vessels
    • PDA Program Eval- Online Wei Vessels