This 4 hour class is a combination of text and video.  This class explores the Qiao Vessels and their roles in how we relate to our stance and view of ourself and the world.  The Yinqiao is the archetype of the Hermit and the inward journey.  It allows us to go into the darkness to find the light within, however it is prone to dampness and is a natural home to the unexamined parts of ourself and the things that et away at our self-worth.  The Yangqiao is the archetype of the warrior or activist.  It is about standing up to the world and extending out into the world.   It is the ability to actualize our self and create in the world, but if it’s not anchored in the Yinqiao, it can result in lots of conflict with our environment.  This class explores the acupuncture energetics and trajectories of the Qiao Vessels for application in the treatment room.  We also look at the likely pathologies and diagnostics associated with the Yinqiao and the Yangqiao.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Context of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels

    • Course Directions
    • Introduction to the 8 Extraordinary Vessels
  • 2

    Introduction to the Qiao Vessels

    • Introduction to the Qiao Vessels
  • 3

    Yinqiao Themes and Trajectories

    • Yinqiao Themes, Trajectories and Pathologies
    • Themes of the Yinqiao
    • Yinqiao Trajectory
  • 4

    Yangqiao Themes, Trajectories and Pathologies

    • Yangqiao Themes, Trajectories and Pathologies
    • Principles of Yangqiao Vessel
    • Trajectory of Yangqiao
  • 5

    Quiz: Qiao Vessels

    • Worksheet: Qiao Vessels
    • Qiao Vessels
    • NCCAOM Program Eval Online Qiao Vessels