The mission of Soul Pivot Seminars is to provide practical tools to align the Heart-Kidney Axis, also known as our Spiritual Axis, in order to help keep us flowing along the pathway of our lives with purpose and creativity.  This sense of moving along the spiritual trajectory of our life has been called Destiny, or Ming, and it is a traditional part of the bigger picture of Chinese Medicine.  Chinese Medicine and the acupuncture channel systems tell the story of the soul's journey through the world in great detail.  It is a story of spiritual embodiment and the convergence of Heaven, Earth and Humanity, within this mysterious, miraculous, and often challenging vehicle of the human body.  

     Soul Pivot Seminars was created by Peter Shea to offer enjoyable and meaningful education that approaches Chinese medicine from the perspective of a spiritual being having a material experience.  In the systems of Chinese Medicine, the spiritual traditions are woven together with the medical systems. The spirituality is not something that was superimposed at a later date.  It is inherent in the point names, the point functions, the organ relationships, the channel trajectories and the channel progressions.  It is the Inner Tradition and it is elegant and beautiful in its ability to shed light on the human experience.  

     We currently offer 6 classes on the spiritual and alchemical aspects of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels and 2 classes on Safety and 2 classes on Ethics.  All classes are approved for NCCAOM PDA's.  We also teach live seminars and are available for individual or group online study. See the class list below.

Alchemy of the Extraordinary Vessels:

  • Introduction to the 8 Extraordinary Vessels     4 hrs     $80
  • Chong Vessel: The Channel of Our Blueprint     4 hrs     $80
  • Ren and Du: Channels of Bonding and Individuation     4 hrs     $80
  • Belt Channel: Latency and the Heart-Kidney Axis     4 hrs     $80
  • Wei Vessels: The Unfolding Over Time     4 hrs     $80
  • Qiao Vessels: Our Stance and View     4 hrs     $80 
  • Bundle of All 6     24 hrs     $450

Ethics and Safety

  • Ethics and the I Ching: Cultivating Constancy of Character     2 hrs     $30
  • Ethics and the Virtues of the 5 Elements     2 hrs     $30
  • Safety Essentials for Acupuncturists     2 hrs     $30
  • Safety, Trauma and the Percardium     2 hrs     $30
  • One Ethics and One Safety Class     4 hrs     $55

Coming soon! Classes on the Hun, Po, Ling and Shen, the I Ching, and Alchemy of the Life Story

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