This 4 hour class is a combination of text and video.  We explore the Chong Vessel’s pre-natal imprinting from the perspective of the Hun, Po and Shen and it’s function as the template of the conversion of pre-natal resources to post-natal resources.  Life is a continual relationship between our original templating and actual unfolding of our lives.  Conflict between the 2 results can result in distortions, resistances, stagnations and deficiencies of all sorts.  We look at the acupuncture energetics of the 5 channels of the Chong Vessel and strategies for applying the Chong Vessel in the treatment room.   We also look at the likely pathologies and diagnostics associated with the Chong Vessel.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Overview of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels

    • Course Directions
    • Introduction to the 8 Extraordinary Vessels
  • 2

    Chong Vessel: Gestation, Conception and the Primordial Chong

    • Chong Vessel Text: Gestation, Conception and the Primordial Chong
    • Primordial Chong, Gestation and the Hun, Po and Shen
    • Chong: Sea of Blood
  • 3

    Trajectories and Energetics of the Chong Vessel

    • Chong- trajectories and pathologies
    • Chong Vessel, Creation and Trajectory 1
    • Chong Vessel Trajectory 2
    • Chong Vessel Trajectories 3-5
  • 4

    Some Reflections on the Chong and the Fascial Network

    • The Chong and the Fascial Network
  • 5


    • Chong: Worksheet Questions
    • Quiz: Chong: the Vessel of Our Blueprint
    • PDA Program Eval- Online Chong